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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Car rampage in Melbourne

Yesterday, the man who deliberately drove his car at high speed into a crowd of people in the centre of Melbourne, intending to kill as many people as possible, was out on bail.

Yes, that's right, someone from the parole board let this maniac Dimitrious Gargasoulas back on the streets and now four people including a young child are dead and 31 have been hospitalised.

Chief Commissioner Ashton said although police opposed bail, some bright spark let him out.

Gargasoulas has a history of extensive family violence and is also a drug addict.  The 26 year old was charged last weekend after several violent assaults, but his violence and police record didn't trigger enough alarm in the person responsible for giving him bail, and we need to know why not.

Yesterday morning he stabbed his brother in the neck and face before he went on his murderous rampage across town in a stolen car.  He took a woman known to him hostage but she managed to escape.

Police called off the chase when it became clear he was out of his mind but finally rammed his car before shooting him in the arm.

Days before, he wrote on his Facebook page "I'LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT... YOU NEED AN ARMY TO TAKE ME."

Reports say Dimitrious Gargasoulas was given bail by a "bail justice." So who is this person?  They are responsible for keeping the general public safe.  So what happened?

Today's ABC Open photos

By Marilyn vanderbyl 

Climbing Red Springs Hill in the Stirling Range of WA, photo Genevieve Milnes 

Photographer Lynn Webb writes…

It was evident from the radar that there was to be some serious weather events around the Goldfields today. So why not head out to a favourite location?
There were flies, it was hot and it was a hard slog to the top, followed by a couple of hours to wait for the cell to arrive – if it would at all.
But it did, but nothing really gelled, just one of those brain fade days for putting things together. 
A hurriedly setup to put a camera out in the tempest, toiling away on its own intervalometer; a ten second exposure every two seconds, and I eventually snagged this one. A worthwhile day after all. 

Sunrise from the top of Mount Wellington overlooking Hobart, photo Andrew Leggett

Python Pool, WA by coglapofoz 

Wet Koala, photo by Russell Latter who writes…The photo was taken at 3pm on Wednesday 14th September 2016 on Old Carey Gully Road in Stirling. I found this wild koala sitting in the road.

He was surrounded by flood waters and so i guided him over a bridge he then went over to the fence post and climbed to the top where the photo was taken.

He then climbed down the other side and walked across a shallow flooded area to a nearby gum tree. He climbed to the top and settled down on a branch for a much earned rest. I went back to check on him today and he was in a nearby tree and snoozing and looking much dryer. So a good story with a happy ending.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Simone Vinton's photograph of the Jack Barnes Bicentennial Mangrove Boardwalk in Cairns won the Museum of Tropical Queensland's 'My Favourite Place in Queensland' photography competition in January 2016.

Craig Burns’ image of Hamersley Gorge in WA is the overall winner of Australia’s Top GeoShot photo competition

The things you find in a burnt-out tree stump By Greg · Tenterden WA

Bret Charman’s photo of a dingo won the threatened species section of the Australian Georgraphic Nature Photographer of the Year

Queen of Sheba, photo Ross Ramm who says… the very elusive orchid that everyone wants to find can be found early in season in late July, early August in Albany, WA

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Karijini National Park, WA 
Author: Donna

Barn owl at Badger Creek, Victoria, 
photo honeycut

Male Pink Robin, photo Nikki Long who writes...

I absolutely love Pink Robins and I have been trying to get a nice sharp shot for so long. They are busy little birds and flit from tree to tree. But today, finally, after kneeling in mud and just waiting patiently, this gorgeous little boy joined me on ground level. To say I am happy is an understatement!! 

Lily by Rene Martens who writes……
 My wife Janet has had to visit some family and I have been left to look after the garden (both veggies and flowers) and she has actually missed the first Lily bloom. There are quite a few extra buds so I am hoping that 1) I don't kill any (lol) and 2) that she gets back home in time. 

Bush track, By Greg Lewicki 

Photographer Jody Burges writes 
……pretty bird on my balcony this afternoon and asks, is it a dove?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Having a blow"

Taking a break from not so fun fencing.

Winging It

An Egret and Ibises take flight at dawn on the Shoalhaven River.
Published 3 days ago.  Nowra NSW 2541

Looking over back gate

Mount Warning is a focal point of the Far North Coast of NSW, standing proud of the hills and valleys.
Published 18 Feb 2016.  Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Morning dip at the Austinmer sea baths

Makybe Diva - forever a part of the town
By Jade Calverley ·  · From Snapped: My town

The day that our horse 'Makybe Diva', won a Melbourne Cup, was a day no one in the community could forget. Then she did it again the next year. And again the year after that.
The City of Port Lincoln stood proud and claimed the Santic family's horse as our own, as we all celebrated a trio of Melbourne Cup victories.
Local sculptor Ken Martin created this life-sized statue to commemorate the historical achievement of Makybe Diva, a horse who will never be forgotten in this community.
Published 30 Jun 2015.  Port Lincoln SA

Paradise on Earth - Wilsons Prom

There is no place in Australia like Wilsons Prom. It is the Victorian secret that we smirk about as others can only dream of a place so beautiful.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Rocks morning

By Julieanne Timms ·  
I love these beautiful trees

Newcastle Train Station
photo Moz Waters

Double barred finch hiding in the Bougainvillea,

photo Allie Cam

Yellow-rumped thornbill
 photo Janet K Scott

Point Perpendicular light station.

The aptly named Point Perpendicular with its beautiful lighthouse and lodgings.  
Published 3 days ago.  Jervis Bay

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

St Patrick’s Church, The Rocks, Sydney,
 photo Peter Miller
 Built in the early 1840s, St Patrick’s stands in Sydney’s historic Rocks area, with a history reaching back to the very beginnings of Catholic life in Australia. Inseparably linked with St Patrick’s history is the name of William Davis, an Irishman transported for his part in anti-British uprisings in Ireland in 1798. Davis obtained land in The Rocks in 1809, and in the early years of the colony, when there was no resident priest in Sydney, his home became a centre of Catholic prayer.
 In 1840 William Davis donated the land on which St Patrick’s is built, gifting that section of his 1809 grant bounded by Gloucester and Grosvenor Streets. The foundation stone was blessed on 25 August 1840, and the now elderly Davis astonished everyone when he came forward and placed a cheque for £1000 on the stone, an incredible sum in those days. Davis had prospered over the years through his business ventures, which included interests in grazing and licensed premises. Davis’ donation was matched by an equal grant from the colonial government.

Happy first day of spring by @cm_gau

As you can see by his muddy beak, Mr Spotted Pardalote has been busy excavating his nest hollow in an embankment. Mrs Pardalote had an equally dirty beak, here's hoping their first clutch for the season is successful! 

Cradle Mountain Walk By Rod Howes

At 60 my wife and I took a holiday in Tasmania and enjoyed Cradle Mountain enormously (Oct-Nov 2014). I found that it was not necessary to travel distances or to hike across country to find 'emotional landscapes'.
This one looked like a scene from a Grimm fairy tale. In winter, the moss would be replaced by snow. The twisted branches stopped me in my footsteps. A picture of mystery and another world.
They say 'the world is out there' but equally it is right here.
Hope you like my pic

Waiting for the sun to set at Karumba Point in Gulf country, North Queensland,
 photo Kathy C 

Man by the fire, photo Hugh Brown who writes 
‘Happy memories for me and many other grey nomads who have lived the dream.'

Lily by Rene Martens who writes……
 My wife Janet has had to visit some family and I have been left to look after the garden (both veggies and flowers) and she has actually missed the first Lily bloom. There are quite a few extra buds so I am hoping that 1) I don't kill any (lol) and 2) that she gets back home in time.

Photographer Jody Burges writes ……pretty bird on my balcony this afternoon and asks, is it a dove? 
 No, it’s a Crested Pigeon