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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Nullarbor, South/Western Australia





Desert plants look like brocolli

Eucla Roadhouse

Nullarbor Roadhouse

It's hard to describe the Nullarbor. It's completely empty except for Roadhouses that suddenly appear out of nowhere every couple of hundred kilometres. They offer the weary traveller fuel, caravan parks, motel/hotel accommodation and restaurants. Apart from these Roadhouses, there's nothing else - no houses, no people, no little towns to go through - nothing but desert plants, shrubs, trees and long, straight roads - very long, straight roads with hardly any other traffic, just the occasional caravan or semi-trailer. With fuel available all the way, it's relatively plain sailing, except for the boredom. Out of this boredom someone created a shoe tree, others stopped to add their shoes and it's now a landmark and something to look at.

Everyone is very friendly and you get a wave from almost everyone coming towards you, including the truck drivers.

With a rainfall of only 6 inches a year, the Nullarbor is a dry and inhospitabe place but an experience not to be missed . Now I can cross the Nullarbor off my 'things to do before I die' list.