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Friday, June 12, 2009

Geraldton, Western Australia

St Francis Xavier Cathedral

The Foreshore

HMAS Sydney II Memorial

The Black Pearl

Sunset at Geraldton

Geraldton is the busy port city for the Midwest. The main industry is tourism, mining, agriculture and fishing. The port also exported the highest number of cattle in more than four years and farming of the rare black pearl is a relatively new industry for the area. The pearl oysters (Pinctada Margaritifera) are cultured in the pristine waters of the Abrolhos islands.

Foreshore development by the State Government is well under way with planned residential living, cafes and restaurants.

Oakajee is approximately 20 kms north of Geraldton. Construction of the Oakajee deep water port and rail link is estimated to cost around $4 billion. The Federal Government has pledged $339 million to the project and the state will match this amount.

Oakajee Port and Rail (OPR) is ready to deliver a rail and port business to transport iron ore from Western Australia’s mid-west region to customers across the globe.

The Prime Minister, Mr Rudd said "I think the whole nation should pause for a moment and reflect on where this great project takes not just the great state of Western Australia, but Australia itself in the decades ahead. So we are proud to be co-investors with the WA Government."

Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull said he was pleased Western Australia had received funding for such worthy projects in the recent budget. (smile)