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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HMAS Sydney Wreck, Western Australia


After searching for sixty six years, the wreck of HMAS Sydney was finally found in March, 2008. German Raider Kormoron and HMAS Sydney were engaged in a bitter battle on the 19th November 1941 which resulted in the sinking of both ships. All hands were lost on the HMAS Sydney, a total of 645 men, and remains to this day Australia's worst naval disaster.

Simple HMAS Sydney Cairn

Eighty men perished on the Kormoron but a total of 319 men survived - 216 were taken to Carnarvon by rescue boats and 103 came ashore in life boats and landed here, later to be rounded up and taken to a prison camp. It's thought that the Kormoron was scuttled by its crew.

This simple HMAS Sydney Cairn is located 76 kilometres north of Carnarvon and stands high above the rugged coast of Quobba.

The HMAS Sydney Memorial Wall in central Carnarvon, lists all the names of those lost in this tragic battle.

Rugged coastline of Quobba

The Kormoran lifeboat is on display at the Carnarvon Heritage Presinct and plans are underway to restore this valuable relic.

German sailors loaded onto rescue ships

Captain J. Burnett

Captain Theodor Detmers