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Sunday, August 30, 2009

UFO Capital of Australia, Northern Territory

There is a very lonely highway in the Northern Territory called the Stuart Highway, you can drive hundreds of kilometres and see very few vehicles. That's where Peter Falconio was murdered in 2001 and Joanne Lees almost lost her life. Bradley John Murdoch spotted a very pretty Joanne at a fuel stop, followed them and waved them over pretending there was something wrong with their car. After killing Peter, he came looking for Joanne who was hiding in the bushes. Terrified, she managed to escape and ran screaming into the middle of the road and stopped a road train. In December 2005 Bradley John Murdoch was convicted of the murder of Peter Falconio. His body was never found.

There's also an isolated petrol station with a run down caravan park behind it called Wycliffe Well and it's the UFO capital of Australia.

During World War II they grew vegetables here for the troops in Darwin. There were so many UFO sightings, the soldiers started a log book and documented every incident. Unfortunately, it was stolen. Sightings of UFO's in the Wycliffe Well vicinity have been going on for years but a credible sighting has yet to be documented.