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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Spot the climbers?

When I discovered that Uluru and Kings Canyon Resorts were owned by Voyages, I was curious to find out what sort of agreement with the Aboriginal people had been worked out.

On the first of January 1994 a National Park lease agreement was made between the Commonwealth Government of Australia and Uluru - Kata Tjuta Aboriginal Land Trust. The traditional Aboriginal owners of the park granted a lease to the Director of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW).

The terms of the agreement include the right of entry for Aboriginals to hunt or gather food and to use any part of the park for ceremonial and religious purposes. The Land Trust also reserves the right to request the Director of National Parks and Wildlife to sublet any reasonable part of the Park to a relevant Aboriginal Association.

The term of the agreement is for a period of 90 years. The annual rent is to be $150,000 payable in advance. In addition, the land trust is to receive 25% of entrance fees and 25% of any charges, fees or penalties imposed by the Director in respect of commercial activities within the Park, in excess of $30,000.

Kings Canyon is the last of the 'must see' mighty monoliths, canyons and gorges of this area. Tomorrow we head into South Australia towards Coober Pedy. Last night 3 dingoes came into the park just on dark, they moved rather quickly, showing no fear of humans cooking dinner and kept up a steady pace until they vanished into the night. We also saw our first wild camel.

Goodbye Northern Territory, thanks for the memories.