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Monday, November 16, 2009

Grafton, New South Wales

Grafton is the commercial hub of the Clarance River Valley, population around 20,000 and is 630 kilometres north of Sydney. Jacaranda trees are a native of the dry, high plains of Brazil and Argentina but are very popular in Australia and grow almost anywhere and can reach a height of over 20 metres.

In 1879, a Grafton seed merchant, Mr H.A Volkers was contracted to plant trees for the Grafton Council and was responsible for the supply and planting of hundreds of jacarandas seen on the streets today, making them well over a century old. Thank you Mr. Volkers.

Grafton's Jacaranda Festival in spring is a sight to behold. With all the trees in full bloom and a carpet of flowers on the ground everywhere you look, the town turns completely blue.

Grafton Bridge over the Clarence River

Alas, I am about 2 weeks too late to capture them at their most spectacular, the leaves have already started to sprout.