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Monday, May 18, 2015

Irfaan Hussein killed in Syria

Irfaan Hussein

Melbourne teenager Irfaan Hussein who went to fight with ISIS in Syria has been killed.  There are unconfirmed reports that he was either beheaded trying to return to Australia, or killed in a bomb blast.  His death has been confirmed by his family.

Hussein, who called himself Abu Sufyan Australi, went to the same school as his friend Numan Haider who was shot dead last year after stabbing two policemen outside the Endeavour Hills Police Station in Melbourne and threatening to kill the Prime Minister. Hussein left the country around the same time.

Hussein's phone number was found on another Australian Jihadi suspect, Harun Causevic who, together with Ramden Besim, planned to run down a police officer, cut off his head and then die in a blaze of glory after killing as many people as possible.

Because both men were denied a passport and couldn't travel to Syria, they chose to go on a killing spree on Anzac Day instead.

Vehid Causevic

But it wasn't even their idea, the plot was the brainchild of a 14 year old boy from Blackburn in north-west England.  British police arrested him on the same day that Australian police raided and arrested 5 suspected terrorists in Melbourne.

Causevic's parents are Bosnian refugees.  In court, his mother wept and his father held his head in his hands.  Outside court he launched a scathing attack on the federal government.

"This is political.....this is clear message from Prime Minister to young Muslim who go five times a day to mosque, be charged like terrorist."

Meanwhile, Australia's top Islamic State recruiter, Neil Prakash is still hunting disillusioned Muslim boys aged 15 to 19 in the same way paedophiles hunt and groom teenagers for sex.  Boys over 20 are considered too old.