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Monday, June 29, 2015

Belle Gibson's 60 Minutes interview

Belle Gibson is a pathological liar and so good at it, last night on 60 Minutes, she had Tara Brown frustrated and tied up in knots. When confronted with all the evidence of her lies, she skillfully deflected them all, without flinching.

Belle, obviously very intelligent, was determined to make her mark in the world and saw the perfect way to do it.  It was relatively easy.  

She would be diagnosed with terminal brain cancer to get the required amount of sympathy and then have a miraculous recovery, explaining how she did it in her book, The Whole Pantry.

It worked well for a while and she developed a huge following but the wheels started to fall off when her ridiculous claims of being cured by eating healthy foods, reached the ears of people suffering from real cancers.  And they were furious.

She admitted 'she might have caused' people to stray from conventional medicine, but refused to apologise for it.

But she didn't just document her chemotherapy experience for a brain tumour, she also claimed to have three heart operations, two heart attacks, a stroke, and died on the operating table.

Belle is a very sick girl and I fear for the safety of her child.  She is a prime candidate for Munchausen by proxy - a rare mental illness people get who crave attention.  And this girl has the symptoms in spades.