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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Let Dr Chamari Liyanage stay in Australia

Dr Chamari Liyanage

Two married doctors in Western Australia were living a happy professional life, according to their patients, friends and associates, but they had no idea what was really going on behind closed doors.

Dr Liyanage 36, bludgeoned her sleeping husband to death with a mallet and after reading what he expected her to do as his wife, it could be argued that she did a great service to the community.

She was acquitted of murder and sentenced to four years jail for manslaughter.

Her story is a sorry tale of physical and sexual abuse which sounds like a convenient defence for murdering your husband, but when police found what was on his computers, it became clear that what she had been saying, was true.

She said he used a metal chair to beat her with a wooden rolling pin and there were marks on the walls where he threw dinner plates at her.

He was addicted to porn and would keep her up at night to perform sexual acts to be streamed to strangers online and forced her to watch little children being sexually abused while they had sex.

Dr Dinendra Athukorala.

The court heard that her husband - Dr Dinendra Athukorala - kept 13 terabytes of encrypted child exploitation and bestiality images on his three laptops and hard drives.

Dr Chamari Liyanage is currently serving a four year prison term at Greenough Regional Prison and has been eligible for parole since June.  

But if her parole is granted early next year, she will be moved to an immigration detention centre and deported back to Sri Lanka because her visa was cancelled when she went to jail.

So she has asked Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to reconsider her case.  Because there is a shortage of doctors and it's very unlikely she will reoffend, it seems like a reasonable request.  

But Minister Dutton said he was unable to comment, as her visa cancellation is under review.