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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mural Fest Winner 2009, Tasmania

Marc Spijkerbosch

Fire and Life

John Eathorne


Marc Spijkerbosch from New Zealand, a talented trompe l'oeil artist won the 2009 Mural Fest Competition and John Eathorne from Tasmania won the People's Choice Award.

Marc Spijkerbosch's winning mural called 'Fire & Life' shows the creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel, Michaelangelo depicts the genesis of mankind... the very spark of life. Beyond, and deep within, Mother Earth plants her random, quantum seed, perhaps a bolt of lightning...a thunderous earthquake...or the sudden surge of molten lava.

John Eathorne's work called 'Perdition' depicts creation to extinction, incorporating the demise of Iconic Tasmanian flora and fauna but still optimistically hoping for salvation of, at the very least, the devil.

It was the first year for the town's Food and Wine Festival and it was a little unorganised. Service was slow on the rabbit pie stall which was so popular, the lady who made 110 pies sold out in no time.

I really enjoyed the event and even picked the winners. This small town of Sheffield with Mount Roland looming in the background, really knows how to get the tourists to come to their beautiful town.