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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Al-Quaeda Recruiter speaks to Sydney Youth

Al-Quaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki got to speak to hundreds of Muslim youth by phone link from Yemen last year. It had to be by telephone link because he's the first US citizen to be put on the CIA 'kill list'. He was the spiritual guide to three of the hijackers on September 11 2001 and has transformed himself from radical cleric to trainer for Al-Quaeda. Last year, the Christmas Day bomber on a plane to Detroit said Mr Awlaki was his recruiter so one can only guess what he spoke to the young men about.

The Sydney Morning Herald attended the sermon at the Lakemba mosque in February last year but was ejected by organisers. Yesterday, no one involved with the mosque would take responsibility for asking him to speak.

Kaiser Trad, spokesperson for the Muslim community was interviewed on television this morning and denied any knowledge of the incident and didn't know who organised the sermon. To say that his explanation was hopelessly inadequate, is a monumental under-statement.