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Monday, October 3, 2011

Shane Warne proposes to Liz Hurley

Love him or hate him, the King of Spin was special. He was the first cricketer ever to reach the 700 test wicket milestone. It happened at exactly 3.18pm on Boxing Day, the 26th December 2006 when he bowled English batsman Andrew Strauss out at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The crowd of 89,155 people roared and rose to their feet to recognise the moment which was described as a "Classic Warne dismissal." In his final test in Sydney, he reached 1,000 test wickets when he bowled England's Monty Panesar lbw for a duck.

Now Shane and Elizabeth Hurley are officially engaged after he popped the question during a visit to St Andrews where he was playing in a golf tournament. Both have been married before, Hurley's four year marriage to Arun Nayar ended in divorce and she has a son from a previous relationship. Warne was divorced in 2006 from wife Simone and they have three children.

There has been a big change in Shane's appearance since his love affair with Liz Hurley started. His teeth are a dazzling white, he's lost 13 kilos and his face looks completely different. He strongly denies having a facelift and Liz says he's been using her beauty products, including her moisturizer. "I have always taken pride in my appearance and an attack on Liz is unfair, I'm proud of how I look and worked my butt off for four months" he said.

St Kilda AFL star Steven Baker introduced Warne to the Taislim diet shake program. "I signed him up about 4 months ago, he loves the stuff, he's addicted" he said. Baker said he had even shipped the supplement to India for Warne's final season.

The Taislim regime recommends replacing two meals and all snacks with liquid supplements but nutritionists say the shakes will work well for a while, but later on when you stop, the weight will slowly come back and then some. Sadly, you have to stop the shakes sometime, it can't possibly be a life-time commitment and the thought of never being able to eat another Aussie pie with sauce is too terrible to contemplate.

But hat's off to you Warnie and good luck. You wanted to look good for your new love and you do, and here's wishing you both a long and happy life together.