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Friday, November 1, 2013

Anders Breivik's mother dies

Anders Breivik, half-sister and mother at a wedding

Anders Breivik murdered 77 people in cold blood and said if he had his time over, he would do it all again, so great was his resolve to stop the Islamization of Norway. 

The Norwegian court gave him 21 years which seems incredibly inadequate for the man who took so many lives.  He refused to take up the offer of appeal because he has utter contempt for the court who "sided with the multicultural majority in parliament."

His mother, Wenche Breivik once described herself as the world's "saddest mother."  She had no idea he was planning the attacks and cooked him a dinner of spaghetti that went cold while she waited for him to come home.  She watched the terrible news on television and was stunned when police later came to tell her that the monster on the television was her son.  She was so traumatized, she had to spend days recovering in a psychiatric hospital.

She became a pariah, shunned by her neighbours and terrified to leave the house in case someone killed her in a revenge attack.

But there were some Norwegian health professionals who believe he was "sexualized" by his mother and should have been removed from her care.  Had he been separated from her, as recommended, they think the outcome may have been different.

When he was four, he and his mother spent several weeks at Norway's centre for child and youth psychiatry (SSBU).  Their report read "mother and Anders sleep in the same bed at night with very close bodily contact."  They described his mother as a "woman with an extremely difficult upbringing, borderline personality structure and an all-encompassing if only partially visible depression" who "projects her primitive aggressive and sexual fantasies onto her son."


When he was one, his father left the family and tried to get full custody, citing his wife as mentally ill.  After he lost the legal battle, social workers recommended the boy still be removed from his mother to prevent "more severe Psychopathology" from developing, but the request was ignored.

After the divorce, his mother moved back to Oslo with Anders and his half-sister and married a captain in the Norwegian Army who had more than 500 sexual partners.  His stepfather had little time for the boy and gave his mother genital herpes which went to her brain and caused meningitis - an usual, rare event.  She had a shunt inserted into her brain as the herpes attacks were occurring more regularly and she ended up with the intellectual capacity of a ten year old.

A few days before she died of cancer in March this year, his mother was taken by ambulance to see her son in prison.  A glass petition normally separates inmate from visitor but this time was different. Handcuffed, he hugged his mother and whispered "I'm sorry I ruined your life."

A Professor of psychiatry testified that it was unlikely Breivik was schizophrenic but he does suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, Tourette syndrome, narcissistic personality disorder and possibly paranoid psychosis.  

He has been enrolled at the University of Oslo to study political science, but will not be admitted to campus.  The university argued that as an inmate in Norwegian law, he is entitled to pursue higher education on the basis of merit, as all Norwegian citizens are.