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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jamie Oliver and Woolworths promotion war

Everyone loves Jamie Oliver, he has thousands of followers in Australia but he's been dragged into a row between Woolworths supermarket and their vegetable suppliers.

Their new Jamie Oliver promotion is causing pain for farmers. Woolworths want their vegetable suppliers to pay an extra 40 cents per crate to fund his advertising campaign.

One large supplier AUSVEG said they will pay $300,000 over the six-week campaign but pressure is also being put on small growers already working on a miniscule profit margin.

AUSVEG spokesman William Churchill said they have written to Jamie asking him to get Woolworths to remove the fee and refund what has already been paid.

Woolworths said that half of their suppliers had volunteered to pay the fee but refused to say what percentage of the advertising costs would be covered by the farmer's extra 40 cents per crate.

Camilla Speirs from Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia said that Oliver supporter "those people who provide Australians with fresh food and vegetables."  She added "he's a man of the people."

I guess we'll find out if he really is.