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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Insider trader Oliver Curtis goes to jail

Insider trader Oliver Curtis spent his first night in jail last night and you have to wonder how he's going to survive twelve months locked away from his luxurious lifestyle.

Silverwater prison is located in Sydney where Curtis and his wife Roxy Jacenko have been living the good life with their two children in their $8 million home in upmarket Double Bay.

He's been on bail for three years and was shocked when the judge ordered him to jail for a minimum of twelve months yesterday, he expected to go home with his wife.

Justice McCallum said her decision had been influenced by the fact that Curtis did not show any remorse until after his conviction and had offered limited co-operation with police.

He'll be strip searched, assessed for suicide or self-harm and issued with a prison uniform, standard issue toiletries and bedding.

And unless it's found that there is an immediate risk to his personal safety, he will spend the next three weeks mixing with the general population while waiting to be processed.

Inmates will already know his history which bankrolled "a lifestyle of conspicuous extravagance" to quote Supreme Court Justice Lucy McCallum, so he could go immediately into protective custody.

If he does, he will mingle with informers, paedophiles, rapists, crooked cops and serial killers.

His former best friend and co-conspirator John Hartman served his 15 month sentence at Silverwater.  The school friends hatched the plan that netted more than $1.4 million profit.  Hartman who worked for Orien Asset Management told Curtis when to buy and sell "contracts for difference" and at what price, using information not available to the public.

Curtis's defence said that Hartman played a much bigger role than Curtis and that is why he got a shock when the judge sentenced him to two years, with a minimum 12 months jail.  

Prisoners at Silverwater are locked in their cells every afternoon at 2pm until 6am next morning, with five hours outdoor recreation time from 9am.

So this golden boy is in for the adventure of his life.