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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kevin Rudd's dream shattered

I feel a bit sorry for Kevin Rudd.  He's missed out on his dream - to get the chance to become the next UN Secretary General.

He took the Labor Party out of the wilderness and put them into government yet his party felt the need to sack him in his first term and replace him with Julia Gillard.  Not because of any wrong-doing on his behalf, but because they just didn't like him.

And he didn't run away and hide, he sat on the back bench for all to see, totally humiliated.

And just before the general election, Labor realized they couldn't win with Julia Gillard as leader so they asked Kevin to come back. And instead of telling his party they had a damn hide to even ask, he agreed.

They didn't win, but instead of an utter wipe-out, he helped save many Labor seats.

Now he's experienced another personal blow.  He needed the Liberal Party's support to qualify as a candidate for the job of Secretary-General of the United Nations but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has refused to give it.

Understandably upset, Mr Rudd has released letters which prove that Malcolm Turnbull promised to support him and then at the eleventh hour, changed his mind.

He's been campaigning around the world for months under the impression that his country would back him but he was wrong and now his dream is dead.

Malcolm Turnbull believes that Mr Rudd is not well suited to the job to replace Ban Ki-moon.

His nomination wouldn't have guaranteed him the position, it would have only given him the opportunity to compete with the 12 other candidates from around the world.

After what this man has been through, I would have expected better from the conservatives, but old grudges obviously still linger on.