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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Paedophile Robert Ellis sentenced in Bali

Melbourne paedophile Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis has finally been sentenced to 15 years in prison and at the age of 70, he's likely to die there.

He admitted it was easier to get access to children in Indonesia than Australia and that's why he's been living in Bali for years.  He had the audacity to ask the judges if he could "pray" before the sentence was read out, but it didn't help him.

Judges appealed to Indonesians to be on the lookout for Western paedophiles coming to Bali to destroy generations of Balinese children.

This month Indonesia passed new laws of chemical castration and even the death penalty for those found guilty of paedophilia but they are not retrospective so Ellis just missed out.

Former Victorian police officer, Glen Hulley, who was instrumental in bringing Ellis and others to justice, was in court for the verdict.

"I hope this sentence sends a very clear message to other paedophiles and sex offenders travelling to Bali for this purpose" he said.  "This man has caused stress and trauma to multiple children over an extended period of time and it calls for a very severe penalty."

One of the women who delivered some of the children to Ellis, had herself been his victim as a child.

But it's very unfair because he's having a hard time in prison - no one visits him, he has no mobile phone, and he can't speak or understand the language.

What a shame.