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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sandor Cikos out on bail

This picture was taken in 1999 when Sandor Cikos was seen comforting his mother at the funeral of his partner, 27 year old Allison Penrose and their two boys, four year old Jake and 18 month old Travis.

At the time, he pleaded with the general public to help find the killer but it was all a sham and Cikos finally confessed that he was responsible for the shocking murders.

He spent just over 15 years in prison for killing three people - just five years per life - and is now out walking the streets of Sydney.

And here's the bottom line - he's lonely and looking for love.

This cold blooded killer will be on the books of every dating agency in the country, probably under another name, and Australian women should be warned.  This is what he looks like now.

According to the Saturday Telegraph, the unemployed 55 year old is now living a solitary life in a small $160 a week flat above a pub in Leichhardt.

An unnamed source said "He hardly ever leaves his unit and prefers to stay in watching videos on his phone with the blinds pulled down........  when he speaks, he goes puce red in the face and says he's scared of reprisals from his ex-partner's family."

According to court records, Ms Penrose was consumed with jealousy after watching her husband have sex with her friend - a fantasy she herself had instigated - and threatened to harm him if he didn't kill the other woman by February 2000.

"She told him if he went to authorities or left home, she would arrange for something to happen to him" Justice John Dunford said at the time of sentencing.

During the trial, Cikos said he killed his children because he could not bear the thought of them going through life without their mother, knowing that their father had killed her.

He's currently on supervised parole until 2021.

Cikos attended Shellharbour Public School on the South Coast and former classmates remember him as a reclusive child and the boy who wore knitted jumpers.  "Not someone you would ever imagine would grow up capable of murder.