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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

American tourist dies on Mount Warning

Mount Warning is a must-do on the Australian tourist route.  The 8.8 km, five hour return walk through the rainforest, culminates in breathtaking 360 degree coastal views stretching from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay.

On Tuesday, American tourists Sam Beattie and his partner Michele Segalla were sleeping in their tent on top of Mount Warning, intent on seeing the sun rise the next morning, when a vicious electrical storm broke overhead.

Lightning struck a tree and surged through Sam Beattie's feet, which were resting against the tree, into his body.

Two hikers came across their tent shortly after and found Ms Segalla hysterical and huddled next to her partner's singed body. One of the hikers gave CPR for over an hour, but he couldn't be saved.

Michelle's hair was singed but apart from minor injuries to her neck and head, she was otherwise okay.

The couple bought a van and were heading down the coast and were only two months into their 12 month Australian adventure.

Because there is no mobile phone coverage in the area, they would not have known about the numerous warnings on radio and television about the impending dangerous storms.