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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sydney Fish Market drug bust

Fifteen men were arrested on Christmas Day in a $15 million cocaine bust.  Several of the men were arrested on the fishing boat Dalrymple as it docked at the Sydney Fish Markets on Christmas night.

The Dalrymple was allegedly used to ferry drugs between a mother ship stationed out to sea, that held drugs smuggled from Chile into NSW ports.  About 500 kilos of cocaine was seized from a dinghy at Brooklyn, just north of Sydney.

It took NSW police, the Australian Federal Police (AFD) and Australian Border Force two and a half years to finally bring them down.  And there were some famous names among them.

Former Sydney Roosters player John Tobin 57 and Darren Mohr, who once owned Bondi Rescue HQ Cafe were among them and lifeguards from the famous television how Bondi Rescue helped to run Mohr's cafe.  Thirteen other men aged between 29 and 63 have also been charged.

Darren Mohr lists his occupation as the owner of Martini Motors and is also the former owner of Bondi Rescue HQ cafe.  His Instagram profile shows a love of Harley Davidson motor bikes, Rolls Royce cars and being photographed without a shirt.