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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

I love Melbourne
                                                By nikki_cross ·  · From Pic of the Week                                                 Published 05 Apr 2017.  Melbourne VIC 3004

148-year-old courthouse is still serving the community
By Brian Tolagson ·  · From Pic of the Week
While hanging around waiting for the U3A photo group to assemble at the museum, I wandered across Clarence St to take a pic of the 1869 courthouse; it was replaced by a larger new building not far away 30 years or so ago.    Published 06 Apr 2017.  Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Safe Haven
By Robert Huisman ·  · From Pic of the Week
Although long decommissioned, the Wollongong breakwater lighthouse is still as picturesque as ever.       Published 06 Apr 2017.  Wollongong NSW 2500

This wild little island is packed with incredible views
        By brodieemery ·  · From Pic of the Week         
Published 06 Apr 2017.  Loongana TAS 7315 

Must have been the day for Robins
By Nikki Long ·  · From Pic of the Week
When I took this shot, I wondered if this Scarlet Robin was trying to be incognito up there in the tree.                      Published 06 Apr 2017.  Hobart TAS 7000

I'm being watched
By catblack10 ·  · From Pic of the Week
I'm being watched - Boobook Owl            Published 06 Apr 2017.  Kuluin QLD 4558