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Friday, August 11, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Stock gully caves
By Michelle ·  · From Pic of the Week
Take 4x4 trip past cliff-head and you will find fascinating caves you can access.  But be careful if you are allergic to bees.                                         Published 27 Apr 2017.  Geraldton WA 6530

Blue faced honeyeater
By karynmaxfield ·  · From Pic of the Week
Banana Bird 
Published 27 Apr 2017  Coffs Harbour 2450

Cape Borda Lighthouse, Flinders Chase, Kangaroo Island
By ingridklees ·  · From Pic of the Week
Cape Borda Lighthouse, Flinders Chase,  Kangaroo Island
Published 27 Apr 2017.  Duncan SA 5223

Portal of light
By Aaron Hawkins ·  · From Pic of the Week
The road suddenly became very inviting when this appeared in front of me              Published 01 May 2017.  Curlwaa NSW 2648

By the_local_tourist_ ·  · From Pic of the Week
Buley is killing it. Swims at 9am after road tripping down to Adelaide River for the dawn service. The cars were rolling in by the convoy after we had our nature's energy boost. How lucky we are to have the freedom to enjoy these amazing natural wonders.      Published 28 Apr 2017.  Litchfield Park NT 0822  

Sunrise at Bare Island La Perouse Sydney
By haworthdavid ·  · From Pic of the Week
Sunrise at Bare Island La Perouse Sydney and two rough sleepers rouse themselves after a summers night on the island.               Published 28 Apr 2017.  La Perouse NSW 2036