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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Cell division at Old Melbourne Gaol
By thedecoy ·  · From Pic of the Week
                                           Cell division at  Old Melbourne Gaol                                            Published 05 May 2017.  Melbourne VIC 3004

Australia's largest raptor, the Wedge-tailed Eagle
By ddubtoille ·  · From Pic of the Week

Australias largest raptor, the Wedge-tailed Eagle cleaning up the road kill. Unfortunately many get hit by cars and trucks while feeding on road kill which is why I find it important to move road kill off the road so other animals can feed on the carcass safely.          Published 05 May 2017. 

Cactus Country - Oh. My. God! AMAZING
By emkatdee ·  · From Pic of the Week
All I wanted to do for my Birthday today was go to @cactuscountry , so that's what we did. Oh. My. God! AMAZING!!!       Published 05 May 2017.  Strathmerton VIC 3641

A flying visit to Gostwyck Chapel
By debdeb_lee ·  · From Pic of the Week
A flying visit to Gostwyck Chapel.    Published 05 May 2017.  Gostwyck NSW 2358

My Happy Place - Brindabella National Park
By Stevel ·  · From Pic of the Week
Hidden in the Brindabella National Park just to the West of Canberra. A perfect natural swimming hole in the Goodradigbee River. It is only accessible by 4 wheel drive and then a short walk.            Published 05 May 2017.  Brindabella NSW 2611

River stone, Warringa Pool
By thedecoy ·  · From Pic of the Week
River stone, Warringa Pool         Published 05 May 2017.  Springbrook QLD 4213