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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lake Tyers

Waterwheel Beach Tavern is another pub with serious water views, you can see the beach in the distance where the lake runs into the sea. Lake Tyers is a 5 minute drive north of Lakes Entrance. I thought the food was pretty ordinary but still a worthwhile visit because of the great location.

A young married woman with kids runs a cruise of Lake Tyers just up the road in an old boat with an electric motor which makes for a very quiet ride. It runs on a bank of batteries and when she comes home every night, she charges them up for the next day - no expensive fuel costs.

It's a pleasant enough 2 hour experience but there's nothing much to see, just lots of water and no wildlife to speak of, there are supposed to be sea eagles here but we didn't see any or anything else of interest. She used to work for the Forestry Commission but when this old boat came up for sale she decided to buy the business which suits her love of the lakes and the outdoor life.