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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yanakie Caravan Park

We arrived at Yanakie Caravan Park, only a few kilometers from Wilson’s Promontory National Park entry gates and luckily, they are dog friendly because Pip isn’t allowed in the National Park. This is the view from the back of the park at low tide, with about half the holiday makers returning to work, there are only a few boats left now.

The Yanakie Caravan Park is a rather isolated place, we had to drive to Foster this morning to stock up on food and supplies, about 30 km away. We could have easily done this yesterday on the way down here but not knowing the area, I assumed there would be a supermarket closer but there is only a kiosk at the park with basic bread and milk supplies and nothing else around. We had some very good oysters and flathead tails from the Foster fish shop for dinner tonight.

The most annoying aspect of this part of the trip is that I can’t connect to the Internet when I want to which sends me into a manic fury because I’ve taken out an expensive option with Telstra, guaranteeing me a connection in 99% of Australia - yeah right, if I can’t get a connection 200 miles from Melbourne, what hope have I got in the outback? I would send them a very rude email, but the trouble is I can’t get a connection.

Off to explore ‘The Prom’ tomorrow.