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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kadina High School, Lismore New South Wales

Two days after 14 year old Alex Wildman was brutually beaten by school bullies, he killed himself. None of his teathers at Kadina High School in Lismore took any action, instead they chose to ignore it.

When deputy principal Bradd Farrell found out the attack had been recorded on the mobile phone of another student, he had it deleted instead of taking it to police.

When his mother discovered her son's injuries, she told Bradd Farrell she wanted to involve the police but he talked her out of it. When she asked him if they could have a meeting with the bullies and their parents, he didn't like that idea either. Then he told the traumatized boy to "Sit outside the principal's office if you're scared". That must have been the last straw for Alex, he'd had enough.

On the 4th August, 2001,15-year-old Timothy Winkler also took his own life because of constant bullying at Kadina High School.

The Deputy State Coroner Malcolm MacPherson will investigate the failure of Alex's teachers to address the problem of bullying at an inquest which started in Ballina yesterday.