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Saturday, October 10, 2009

St George, Queensland

Ballone River runs through the town

St George is the main business centre for the Balonne Shire, 500 kms west of Brisbane, population around 3,600. It's one of the prettiest towns I've seen in rural Queensland. Well looked after lawns and gardens lead down to the Ballone river which runs through it. There are so many different enterprises going on in the district - cotton, sheep/wool, grain crops, kargaroo meat processing, fruit and vegetable production and beef/cattle.

The Unique Egg has a collection of 150 hand carved illuminated emu eggs by Steve Margaritus.
I asked about the price and they start at around $600 each.

John Jackson

There is a memorial on the banks of the Ballone for two pilots who came from St George and flew in WWII. Squadron Leader John Jackson flew at Port Moresby and was killed there in 1942 and the only known Aboriginal fighter pilot to serve in WWII, Warrant Officer Leonard Waters.

The Jack Taylor weir is 5.8 metres high and fitted with 13 vertical lift gates each 8.2 metres wide by 2.1 mitres high. The weir's storage capacity is 10,100 megalitres. The Andrew Nixon Bridge was completed in 1953.

Leonard Waters

Early photograph of the Bank of New South Wales, St George, 1874. It was a gable-roofed wooden building with a bark roof and corrugated iron verandah.