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Friday, January 22, 2010

Omar bin Laden

Omar is one of Osama bin Laden's 11 sons. In a rambling interview with Rolling Stone magazine in Damascus this week he says his father has achieved his goal of humbling the United States and that President Obama has made a grave mistake in sending more troops to Afghanistan. If his father is killed, he warns that his death will unleash terrible attacks by militants and that Afghanistan can never be won, it has nothing to do with his father, it's the
Afghan people.
In 2007 Omar married a British woman almost twice his age. The pair have since been denied entry to Qatar, Egypt and Britain and Spain is rejecting an asylum request. Omar makes his living as a scrap metal dealer in Jeddah. He compares himself to Mel Gibson and dreams of working for the United Nations and meeting President Obama and Hiliary Clinton.
He said that his father was overjoyed when America elected George W Bush because he knew he would attack, spend money and break the country. Also that the US was very lucky that his father had not been killed. 'It's going to be worse when he dies, the world is going to be very, very nasty then, it's going to be a disaster. My father has a religious goal, he is controlled by the rules of jihad, he only kills if he thinks there is a need" he said.
And although he hasn't seen his father for almost 10 years, Omar doesn't believe that bin Laden needs to launch any more big attacks. "He doesn't need to, as soon as American went to Afghanistan, his plan worked, he has already won".
Thanks to the Christmas Day bomber, the whole world is now having to spend a fortune upgrading their airport security systems. Osama's terror regime has indeed cost the world dearly.