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Friday, December 17, 2010

Assange Free at Last

Yesterday at the high court, Mr Justice Ouseley rejected the CPS argument that there were no conditions a judge could impose that would stop Assange from fleeing justice. He ordered the CPS to pay costs and imposed tough new conditions on his bail release. But there are now no restrictions on his access to the internet.

It looks like the Swedish warrant will be upheld and Assange will be extradicted to Sweden to face trial over the sexual attacks even though he's been interviewed by Swedish police and granted permission by the Swedish authorities to leave the country.

There is a growing feeling among US lawyers that Assange will be indicted by Washington. After his release Assange said that even if this were to happen, the release of state secrets would continue. He said WikiLeaks was a "resilient organisation" that could "withstand decapitation attacks". On Channel 4 news last night Assange maintained he was the victim of a conspiracy orchestrated by the US with the assistance of the Swedish intelligence service.

"There is an ongoing attempt by the US to extradict me and that extradiciton is much more likely if I am in Sweden" he said.