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Friday, December 31, 2010

WikiLeaks and Arab Spies

Julian Assange has revealed that top officials in Arab countries have close links with the CIA and visit US embassies voluntarily. "They are spies for the US" he said. It seems Assange believes he will be killed or sent to jail for a long time and has threatened to release this information if this were to happen. And another shocking accusation emerges - that some Arab countries have torture houses where Washington regularly sends suspects for interrigation and torture.

"Washington is projecting me as a terrorist and want to convince the world that I am another Osama Bin Laden" he said. He will be put on trial in a special court in London on from 11th January and this court deals with terror-related cases. "If the UK decides to hand me over to the Swedes, Stockholm will hand me over to the Americans - the pentagon has set up a 'war room' manned with 120 officials whose job it is to disrupt and destroy WikiLeaks", he said.

The problem of Julian Assange has put the UK between a rock and a hard place. Like us, they have a strong alliance with the US but they are also sticklers for justice and fair play. January 11 will soon be upon us when the cold war between allied nations will continue.