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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Julian Assange's Son

Julian Assange's son Daniel is a 20 year old software designer from Melbourne. He hasn't had much to do with his famous father for the past three years. Daniel was born to a 16 year old mother when Julian was 19 years old. A year later, his mother disappeared with the boy.
When Julian was 16 and living in Melbourne, he joined a computer hacking group called International Subversiveness and called himself Mendax which means "nobly untruthful". Then in 1999, the same year Julian registered a website, he worked out a custody agreement with his former wife for Daniel, then 9. When Daniel was 16, Julian asked him to join him on WikiLeaks but he was sceptical and not being on the best terms with his father, he declined. "I never thought he was going to succeed" he said. But Daniel seems to have warmed to WikiLeaks. On his website he wrote:

"I have much respect for my father and his cause and these ridiculously ill-handled allegations of sexual abuse only serve to distract from the awesomeness of what he has actually done".