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Friday, February 8, 2013

Australian PM earns more than US President

Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard earns more than Barack Obama, British PM David Cameron, Angela Merkel and heads of French and Canadian governments - a whopping $495,430 per year.  Opposition Leader Tony Abbott gets $352,517. And that's before all the perks, which are generous.

But our esteemed "Honourable Members" cry out to their electorates "It's nothing to do with us, the wage increases were brought about by the independently administered Remuneration Tribunal, it's not our fault."  So it's an unwinnable argument, we know we can't change it, it just adds to the frustration.

But have a look at Singapore and Hong Kong, they are doing even better.

Imagine how Labor Senator Trish Crossin feels about being dumped by the PM to run in this year's election in favour of Nova Peris, a high profile Aboriginal sportswoman who was born in Darwin. But we shouldn't feel too sorry for her when we find out what she'll get when she leaves.

She'll get a tax free, indexed pension of $100,000 per year until she dies, five free business class flights per year and access to the Qantas Chairman's Lounge at airports, reserved for captains of industry, celebrities and yes, you guessed it, politicians.

Any wonder ex State Premiers are scurrying to get into Federal politics for this year's election, Canberra is the place to be.