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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Findus lasagne made with horse meat

Here is another good reason not to buy frozen food.  Findus is now apologising for "letting the people down" for putting horse meat in their lasagne and they've been getting away with it in the UK for months.

Findus UK tested 18 of its beef lasagne products, made by French food supplier Comigel, and found that 11 contained 60 to 100 per cent horse meat.

So where does the buck stop? His name is Lyndon Lea, a British private equity boss.  He once said that he had a golden rule - work hard, play hard, but above all, be honest.

Lyndon Lea

Lea's investment company Lion Capital bought Findus in 2008 and those in the know say that the company wanted to take frozen food to a new level. They were under pressure to lower costs until they had successfully developed new, more upmarket products that consumers were prepared to pay a little extra for. Now we know how they did it.  

Lea 43, plays polo and owns a ranch in California and although he is not involved in the day-to-day running of the business, the scandal still rests at his feet.  Profit at all costs has come back to bite him.

It's rather funny when a Findus spokesman apologises for any inconvenience caused, and in the same breath adds that it won't hurt you, it's not a safety issue, as if that matters.

Findus frozen products sell like hot cakes here, I've eaten their lasagna and Aussie kids are brought up on fish fingers and although they don't contain horse meat, we can only guess what cost-cutting, cheap substitute they have found for fish.  I know one thing for sure - I will never buy another Findus product as long as I live.