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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Kitchen Rules race war

It'd hard to tell if Indian girls Jessie Khan and Biswa Kamila are naturally spoilt, rude and arrogant or whether they are playing some sort of game.  From the outset, they made themselves unpopular by criticizing other contestants' food as "boring" and finding fault with everything.

But when it came time for them to demonstrate just how wonderful Indian cuisine can be, the so-called "Spice Girls" fell in a heap and went to the bottom of the competition.  Not surprisingly, everyone on the show thought that justice had been done - these two girls, who thought very highly of themselves, were not good cooks afterall.

Last night they showed their true colours.  Bent on revenge towards the other contestants who had marked them down so badly, they slammed all three courses prepared by the brother and sister duo from Queensland, picking faults where there were none, and giving them the lowest score of 1.

Seven's usual Twitter feed dropped out half way through last night's show as comments turned nasty.  "The Indian bitches are going" and "pack your bags girls, back to India."

I feel sorry for the Indian community, who also slammed the pair.
"I'm embarrassed for my race, my ancestors are rolling in their graves at that horrific display of Indian culture" one tweeted. "Jesse and Biswa wake up the next day to find that they have been disowned by the Indian community" said another.

So what do the two girls have to say for themselves? "We are just saying everything truthfully, we're not trying to lie or backstab or anything, if we say we don't like this, we don't personally mean we don't like you, we mean we just don't like your food."

But it's hardly a race dispute, it's just about two spoiled, bad-mannered girls being extremely rude. A cynic might say they were chosen because the producers knew they would be controversial and hope they have taken into account what all this negative exposure might do to their reputations.

Channel 7 have had dream ratings with this season's My Kitchen Rules, crushing all other channels including rival Masterchef: The Professionals on Channel 10.