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Friday, July 5, 2013

Mark Perry charged with vampire murder

The sad eyes of Mark Perry

Mark Adrian Perry 45, who had a $1 million reward on his head, has finally been caught and extradited to Victoria, charged over his involvement in the murder of male prostitute, Shane Chartres-Abbott, who described himself as a vampire who lived on blood to survive.  He was shot on the day he left his home to appear in court charged with the violent rape and assault of a female sex worker.  She was an ex-girlfriend of Mark Perry.

Shane Chartres-Abbott

Perry had been living as a hard-working family man in Perth for six years after he went on the run from Victoria.  Friends and associates said he was well liked and never a problem. but he seemed very depressed.

He was arrested by officers from the Briars taskforce who are keen to know if there was any police corruption involved.  The man who confessed to the murder said he had the help of police officers and named Peter Lalor and David Waters as the men who helped him.  He alleges Mr Lalor gave him the victim's address and also gave him an air-tight alibi and Mr Waters was present when the murder was discussed.  The shooter was jailed for life in 2008 after pleading guilty.

Peter Lalor

Mr Lalor and a Melbourne organized crime boss have both previously said publicly they expect to be charged but Mr Lalor told channel Seven that he welcomed the arrest as a chance to clear his name.

Chartres-Abbott was shot dead in Reservoir, a suburb of Melbourne, as he was leaving to attend court.  He was accused of leaving a female prostitute lying unconscious in a South Yarra hotel room after raping her and biting off several centimetres of her tongue.  She had black eyes, swelling to her face and neck and teeth marks on her right thigh. Police will claim that Perry was a former boyfriend of the victim who took revenge on her attacker by allegedly paying $200,000 to a hit man to kill him.  When the hit man confessed, he implicated Perry, Waters and Lalor.

 David Waters

Revenge is a strong emotion and Mark Perry must have cared very much for his ex-girlfriend to put up $200,000 to kill her abuser.  He wouldn't be there now if the shooter hadn't confessed.  He had no reason to confess, he said, because he didn't have a guilty conscience, so you have to wonder what his motivation was.

Perry will face Melbourne Magistrates Court today,