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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parole Board responsible for Jill Meagher's death

The Victorian Parole Board has blood on its hands and every member should be named.  I want to see the faces of the people who turned a blind eye to public safety, by letting Adrian Bayley back onto the streets. Because of their incompetence, Jill Meagher is dead.

Adam Bayley's history of raping women is disgusting.

April 21, 1990: Married Debbie, who was pregnant with their first child
June 8, 1990: Held teenage girl hostage in his home and raped her.
June 10, 1990: Arrested and charged with rape and bailed.
August 30, 1990: Attacked a girl, 17, walking home from a bus stop.
September 11, 1990: Victim identified him to police. Arrested, charged with attempted rape realeased on bail again.
October 1990: Daughter born.
December 12, 1990: Picked up hitchhiker, 16, and attacked her.
December 17, 1990: Victim identified him.
June 1991: Pleaded guilty, sentenced to 5 years with minimum of 3.
April 1993: Released from jail after serving 22 months.
1995: Split from wife and began a new relationship, fathering two more children.
July 2000: Changed name by deed poll from Adrian Ernest Matthew Edwards to Adrian Ernest Bayley 
April 17, 2001: Arrested over the rapes. .
April 26, 2002: Sentenced to 11 years with a minimum of 8 after pleading guilty.
2009: Completed sex offender treatment program in prison, prior to release on parole.
August 12, 2011: King-hit man outside a Geelong cafe, breaking his jaw.
February 27, 2012: pleaded guilty at Geelong magistrates’ Court to recklessly causing serious injury and jailed for three months. Appealed and released on bail. Parole was continued.

September 22, 2012: Attacked Jill Meagher as she walked home in Brunswick then raped and killed her.

The Board was warned five times about Bayley's history the year before he killed Jill and just one month before, they were told that he had missed four appointments with his parole officer.  Incredibly they didn't bring him in and extended the bail.

Tom Meagher

The Victorian Parole Board's excuse is that they have been seriously under-resourced for years.  Their computer system is out of date, they say, and many files are still in paper form.  Another excuse is that they rely heavily on advice from prison authorities who are overworked and underpaid, whatever that means.

Tom Meagher is so angry with the Parole Board, he's thinking of initiating a class action against the state of Victoria, and I hope he does. The Board's arrogance knows no bounds as they completely ignored this email Jill's distraught husband Tom sent them.

It's a sad fact that a lovely young woman had to die before an incompetent government department got a kick up the backside. They are now running around like headless chickens, writing reports, having enquiries, trying to find an excuse as to why they have been putting the public, and especially women, at risk for years.

But Bayley was just one example of how violent offenders are allowed to walk our streets, there are plenty of others out there. Parole Boards in every state across the country are doing the same thing.  It took Jill Meagher's rape and murder for us to realize that our justice system is not doing the job they are paid for - protecting the public from scum like Adrian Bayley.