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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Morning breakfast television is so boring

Melissa Doyle and David Koch

Perhaps the reason morning television is so boring is because we are such a small country, there's not enough happening to fill three hours of television every day.   It takes just a few minutes to talk about the real news topics of the day, so the rest of the show is bulked out with rubbish, including so-called experts chatting about inane topics nobody could care less about. 

Out of the blue, Channel 7 executives replaced Melisa Doyle from Sunrise after 11 years in the job.  The rumours were unkind to Mel, who is everyone's sweetheart - they said she had been downgraded to another position and had to take a $150,000 cut in her $700,000 salary.

Not true, says Mel, who wrote on her Facebook page "I was presented with an opportunity at the network and decided to accept it."

Eleven years is a long time to be in front of a camera, so why didn't Channel 7 see the need to replace David Koch, who reached his use-by date a long time ago.

Enter Samantha Armytage - 35 and single.  She is the new face of Sunrise and unlike Mel, is not sugary sweet. She grew up on a Snowy Mountains sheep property where her father was manager.  "We lived there for 25 years, so my whole childhood was Adaminaby and then I did year 7 and 8 in Cooma and went to boarding school in Sydney in year 9" she said.

Samantha Armytage

Most people got to know her on Weekend Sunrise with co-host Andrew O'Keefe, and she proved she has what it takes. "Mel and I have very different presenting styles, we have different personalities.  I'm probably more dry and harsh and Mel's so nice, she's amazingly nice" she said.

We can switch over to Channel 9's Today Show with Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson and company, but Karl is so in love with himself, watching the crew continually pander to his ego, is stomach turning. 

If you're after cold hard facts with no ads and no personality, we can tune into ABC Breakfast co-hosted by Michael Rowland and Virginia Trioli.  Virginia is a keen Labor supporter and it shows.

Virginia Trioli

She had to apologise for pulling this face after seeing vision of LNP member Barnaby Joyce talking about the government's emissions trading scheme. 

Michael Rowland

Her co-host Michael Rowland is completely overshadowed by Trioli who appears to have no self-awareness of just how overpowering and aggressive she really is. 

If you're into politics, Fox is probably your best bet. They manage to dig up ex Parliamentarians from all sides who come into the studio every morning to give their insight into what's going on in Canberra, even though most of them are no longer in the loop and wouldn't really have a clue.  

The only channel that doesn't have a morning breakfast show is channel 10 who are on the verge of announcing - yes you guessed it - a new morning breakfast show.