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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Child rapist out in six years

Daniel Chipchase 20, started showing an unhealthy interest in sex when he was 3 years old.  Pre-school teachers picked it up from his drawings and reported him trying to touch other children sexually.

When he was 4 he tried to perform oral sex on anther boy and when he started school at 5, a teacher reported him for sexually touching another boy. He was referred to social services as a potential sex offender when he was 3 and taken into care when he was 5.

He's already admitted raping and abusing a string of children yet he'll be back on the streets in just six years. 

Even though the judge said 

"This is a case where there are multiple victims and multiple rapes - life is the only sentence that will provide lasting and enduring protection for the public",

he went on to say that he would be considered for parole after serving a minimum of six years.  What an absolute farce. 

This happened yesterday in London but the same rules apply here in Australia and this case is just another example of how our law makers protect paedophiles by refusing to lock them up indefinitely.

When his lawyer stepped in to plead his case and told the court he was a damaged individual who was subjected to sexual abuse at a very early age, we are supposed to understand that it wasn't his fault.  But his lawyer should know that we don't care about his background, we just want him gone from society forever.

Ask any judge why he does it and he'll tell you that paedophiles must be given the opportunity for rehabilitation and they believe there's a good chance this can happen in prison.  But all he has to do is convince the prison psychiatrist that he's cured, and they will let him out.

Sexual abuse of children is one of the most sickening and distressing crimes in society today, yet our lawmakers continue to protect the perpetrator, instead of the child.