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Saturday, October 19, 2013

New bikie laws toughest in the world

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has just introduced the toughest anti-bikie laws in the world.  His government launched an unprecedented $20 million campaign to drive outlaw motor cycle clubs out of his state.  The new law is called the Vicious Lawless Associate Disestablishment Act.

Premier Campbell Newman

The Premier has named a list of clubs that are now considered "criminal organizations" and members will face a minimum of six months jail for setting foot inside their clubhouse.  If they are convicted of serious crime, they will receive a mandatory 15 to 25 prison term.

Just hours after the bill was passed, police raided the Odins Warriors premises in Cairns and arrested two "patched" members. The two men, Peter Johnston and Mark Filtness have been charged with "being a participant in a criminal organization entering a prescribed place."

It seems to be working already.  In Brisbane, one chapter of the Bandidos has already closed and a dozen members, including the club president, have signed legal papers saying they have quit.

Lawyer Michael Bosscher said "There will be challenges up hill and down dale to these laws now that people are beginning to be charged with offences under this new piece of legislation.  I have no doubt that they will be tested and we will see how well they stand up in court."