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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Watch out for maggies - it's nesting time

Being a postie in Spring can be dangerous work.  Penrith Postman Peter Glover knows all about attacking magpies, in one horror experience, an angry magpie took the skin off his arms and now there's another one in Enfield Street giving him grief.

During nesting season in Spring - between August and October - maggies become viscous and everything that moves in their territory becomes their target.

But the Australian Vetinerary Association president says there's nothing we can do about it - all we need is understanding.

"Tolerance is the best policy, we need to appreciate that some magpies will defend their territory from intruders because of a natural instinct to protect their offspring" Dr Johnson said.

It's alright for him to say, sounds like it's never happened to him.  They can do serious damage and often do, kids are often being cut on the head and arms and there must be countless others we don't know about.

Even kangaroos aren't safe, this picture was taken by a local at Penrith's Jamison Park yesterday.

My advice to people who are bothered by cranky maggies is to take an umbrella when you go walking near the enemy and if it gets close enough, give it a good whack.