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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dan McIntosh, outback cook

Last year, Dan McIntosh, a station cook in the Northern Territory, wanted to share his photos of the outback life he loves so much. He was encouraged to start a Facebook page and one year later, he has 50,000 followers and 30 million views from around the world.

The photos page show a day in the life of an outback station and the very best are featured in his book called simply Outback Stations.

Dan is an itinerant cook for hungry jackaroos and travels around outback stock camps in the Northern Territory.  He became a cook by accident thirty years ago when he was with a shearing team in Western Queensland.

"The cook got drunk and was locked up in the jail in town and the men asked me if I could cook them a meal."  

But when he inspected the kitchen, he found plenty of fruit and vegetables but no meat, so he had to go over to the sheep yard and get two sheep. "We had to kill them and dress them and cut some back legs off for some roasts for the night" he said.

When he passed the strict standards of the shearers that night, the 52 year old has worked his way across northern Australia ever since. 

"It's nice out here, it's peaceful, there's no hassles, you wouldn't work anywhere else, it's beautiful.  I like it" he said.