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Friday, September 19, 2014

Terror plot to kill Australians

Ali Baryalei

Yesterday, 800 police raided homes of ISIL supporters in Sydney and Brisbane and a few hours later we learn there is a group of Australian Muslims who hate our country so much, they planned to grab people off the streets of Sydney, wrap them in the ISIL flag and video their beheading. And this is the man behind it - Ali Baryalei.

Terror recruiter and mastermind Baryalei is a high ranking member of the terror group in Syria, and on Tuesday, he spoke to Sydney man Omarjan Azari to discuss kidnapping a random person off the streets of Sydney and behead them on video.  Because police believed the attack was imminent, they decided to swoop on known ISIL supporters before the plan could be carried out.

Azari 22 was charged yesterday with conspiracy to organize a terror attack

Azari moved to Sydney from Afghanistan 10 years ago and went to Parramatta High School.  He completed a motor mechanic course at TAFE but six months ago, he caught the attention of ASIO.

Eshan Azari

Azari's uncle Eshan Azari is a lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.  He said his nephew's parents flew out of Sydney to attend the Hajj festival in Saudi Arabia the day before the raids.  "We cannot tell his father because he is very sick and might die" he said.

An unnamed police source said "Their operational security was pretty good, they would use things like public phone boxes and avoid talking in cars" he said.

Two women were issued with court appearance notices while another nine people were detained and released without charge, pending further investigations.

There is something terribly wrong with our system if Facebook and Twitter is allowed to be a vehicle to promote propaganda for this murderous group of maniacs.