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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Melbourne terror suspect shot dead by police

When an 18 year old terror suspect was asked to come to a Melbourne police station to answer some questions, all hell broke loose.  

Last night, outside the station, he was met by two policemen and as they were about to introduce themselves, he suddenly pulled out a knife and started stabbing both men.  And when he turned and ran towards the police station, he was shot and died at the scene.

Both officers are recovering in hospital and one had life-threatening injuries and is lucky to be alive.

The terror suspect's name was Numan Haider and he was shouting insults about Tony Abbott and the Australian government moments before he was shot.

Ironically, counter-terrorism police hadn't considered him a major threat which is why he was invited to attend a low-key meeting outside the police station.

Victorian Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said "our members had no inkling this individual posed a threat to them and as far as we were concerned, it was going to be an amicable discussion about that individual's behaviour."

So what does the Muslim community say?  Yes, you guessed it - it's all our fault - the government hasn't dealt with the "alienation and disaffection" of young Muslim males.

Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Graith Krayem said he was disappointed that police had jumped to conclusions so quickly.  "I heard and saw the press conference with the police last night and I'm a little disappointed, I think it was a little pre-emptive - the police have come out very clearly and almost said it's the young man's fault" he told radio 3AW.

He said that naming people as radicals drove them to behave in ways "we find hard to understand" and the Muslim community is "under seige" and very upset.

And so are we Mr Krayem, so are we.