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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jacqui Lambie wants DNA test

Senator Jacqui Lambie wants a DNA test to prove she had Aboriginal blood.  She says she's a descendant of a prominent Aboriginal leader in Tasmania on her mother's side.

But Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council (TALC) chairman Clyde Mansell said her claim is "absolutely outrageous and scandalous."  Mr Mansell is an elder and known descendant of Mannalargenna.

Yesterday Senator Lambie said she wanted a DNA test to prove she's not lying.  "I know what's in my blood" she said.  "If Mr Mansell wants to take me on, I guess I'll meet him up at the hospital and both have a DNA test and see how we go once and for all" she said.

Clyde Mansell

She stands by her maiden speech when she said "We trace our history over six generations to celebrated Aboriginal chieftain of the Tasmanian east coast, Mannalargenna."

Mr Mansell said DNA tests are not conclusive and he's probably right.

If a living person wishes to establish that he or she is a member of a particular family group, the person must find someone within that group who can provide a genetic sample for the purpose of comparison. This becomes more difficult where a person seeks to establish a biological relationship with a person or family group that has been dead for years, decades or centuries.

Senator Lambie is making more headlines than any other newcomer to Canberra in history and whatever she says is reported. She wants up to five indigenous MPs in the lower house and four in the Senate and cites New Zealand's Maori seats in parliament as evidence of how the policy could work.

Yesterday she said that anyone who supports Sharia Law should pack their bags and get out.  As an ex soldier, she warned that veterans were being "pushed back into the war zone" without adequate help when they returned, while supporters of Sharia Law are allowed to claim government handouts.

Clive Palmer put Senator Lambie into the Senate but now she's there, she doesn't need him anymore and Clive knows it.

"She certainly doesn't have to kowtow to me, she's elected by the Australian people" he said on Friday.  "And in our party room, it's done by voting, it's not done by my view or Jacquie's view, it's done by consensus."