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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Brisbane Muslims arrested on terror charges

Omar Succarieh

It was a dramatic day in Brisbane yesterday.  The iQraa Islamic Centre bookshop was raided and Agim Kruezi and Omar Succarieh were arrested on terrorist charges.  Succarieh is the brother of Australia's first suicide bomber who was killed last year in Syria when a truck loaded with explosives was driven into an Army checkpoint, killing 35 people.

Agim Kruezi (R)

The Courier Mail has been told that the iQraa Islamic Centre at Underwood had developed ties to hate Perth preacher Mohammed Junai Thorne who is so radical, he's been banned in Germany.

"It's just a simple bookstore selling perfumes to Korans" a customer outside protested.  "There's nothing radical whatsoever, I just don't understand all the hysteria."

But this year, it's alleged that the innocent bookshop promoted and raised money for Thorne to give two "sermons" at the centre.

 hate preacher Mohammed thorn

ASIO chief David Irvine said he was considering raising Australia's terrorism threat from "medium" to "high."