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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Playboy Gable Tostee released on bail

Because Gable Tostee has autism, he got special treatment.  He's an autistic savant with an obsessive compulsive disorder.  But that didn't stop him from racking up 100 sexual encounters, recording each experience, and boasting about it,

He spent three months in prison and wanted desperately to get out. He was terrified when another prisoner managed to speak to him in the "protective custody" area of the jail.

"I am struggling in prison" he wrote.  "I accept that the stress of my situation will exacerbate my symptoms but I am very concerned that as the months pass by, I am becoming more and more distressed and unwell.  My memory, concentration and ability to prepare my defence are all deteriorating over time."

In a grovelling letter, he apologises for his drunk/driving offence when he was chased by police.  "Please accept my sincerest apology and assurance that my attitude has changed and this will not happen again."

It worked, and he's now home with mum and dad, enjoying the comforts of home while he waits for his trial to begin next year for the murder of New Zealand tourist Warriena Tagpuna Wright, who fell 14 floors to her death from his apartment balcony in August.

They met that evening on the dating app Tinder and police have asked for the co-operation of Tinder administrators in the US to access both Tostee and Wright's accounts.

A witness heard Ms Wright hitting and attacking Tostee before he either pushed or carried her out onto the balcony of his apartment and locked the door.  Police allege she fell while trying to escape, believing her life was in danger. Seconds after she fell, Tostee was seen leaving the building to avoid police.

Neighbour Emily Ellis said "I heard a girl say 'I just want to go home, please let me go home."

Tostee was so proud of his sexual exploits, he boasted about it on  "Ask a guy who has just reached 100 girls slept with" he wrote under his username "GT."

"Eventually figured I'd get the 100th out of the way by dropping my standards...I'm lying on the living room couch typing this while she is asleep in my room...I can't sleep until she's gone."

He kept a list of their names and dates and recorded it all.

Even though Tostee had scratches on his face and body when he was arrested, this case is going to be difficult for prosecutors because he wasn't on the balcony when she fell. After having violent, kinky sex, the couple got into a bitter argument that went too far and ended in tragedy.