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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Toddler Sam Trott's body found

Two year old Sam Trott

Geoff Trott, the grandfather of missing two year old autistic boy whose body was found in a lake near his home, described him as a happy, affectionate, loving child.

On Tuesday, Sam's parents Lyndal and Matthew pleaded with friends and neighbours to help find him.

Sam's parents

"Check your backyards, your front yards, check your bushes....he could be hiding in your garden" Mr Trott said.  "He can be quite sociable but he could run away so if you see him and he runs away, run after him, catch him please because we really need him to come home.

Volunteers sign up

"If you've got drains, you know, he's autistic, so he may not play with normal toys, so he could be hiding in the garden....he could be wandering around anywhere, he may have got tired and laid down for a sleep."

Sam went missing in a matter of seconds after workmen left the front door open.

Ms Trott said "I heard the fridge door beep because he was in the fridge and I said 'shut the door Sam' and thirty seconds later, it beeped again and when I turned around, he wasn't there."

"I saw the front door was open and I just ran out the 30 seconds, he wasn't there anymore.

"When I looked left and right and straight ahead and couldn't see him, I ran straight back inside and rushed to every room screaming his name...he doesn't know how to open doors but the door was wide open."

Sam's grandfather asked search teams to sing "Wheels on the Bus" in the hope he may respond to his favourite song and police were about to play the song out loud to coax Sam out of his hiding place.

And then the worst possible news - police found Sam's little body in the lake, a few streets away from his house.

 And it's Christmas.