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Monday, August 17, 2015

Salim Mehajer’s big fat Sydney wedding

Happy couple

Property developer Salim Mehajer and his new wife Aysha were married in an Islamic ceremony earlier this month, but their wedding party, which the groom promised would be 'the wedding of the century', took place on Saturday in Sydney.

While it may not have been 'the wedding of the century', it was certainly one of the most extravagant.  The groom and his groomsmen arrived in four helicopters in a suburban park, there was a cavalcade of luxury cars worth $50 million, a private jet fly-over, and lots of motor bikes.

At the reception, the groomsmen entered the building to the roar of motor cycles, while the bride and groom followed to the sound of drums and exploding fireworks.

But some of the locals weren't happy.  A dozen police officers had to be called to manage the traffic congestion caused by the event and residents were told to remove their cars off the street on the day.

But Auburn Councillor Irene Simms described the chaos caused by the wedding as 'deplorable' and said she would grill Mr Mehajer when Council meets this Wednesday.  "A Councillor should be an example and follow the rules" she said.  "It's atrocious how residents were treated, it's embarrassing for the Council."

So who is Salim Mehajer?

In October 2012, he was driving his $500,000 black Ferrari along the Boulevarde in the Sydney suburb of Lidcombe at night, when he hit two women pedestrians, standing at the rear of their parked car.

Mother and daughter Teyet La 40, and Nhu Hua 68, both spent one month in hospital recovering from the accident and Mehajer was charged with negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm.  But in 2013 he was acquitted on appeal.

Mehajer ran as an Independent for the seat of Auburn in the NSW state elections.  His campaign included a free dinner for 350 voters a fortnight before the election but he only received a small amount of votes.  Nevertheless, he was under investigation for failing to disclose where the money for his campaign and political donations came from.

Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer's house is a storey higher than others in the street.

The wedding had to be postponed until Salim's father got out of jail. Local property developer Mohamad Mehajer was sentenced to three and a half years for his part in a conspiracy to cheat and defraud the National Australia Bank of three million dollars.  The court found that Mr Mehajer's loan application included false documents intended to show his financial position was "rosier than it really was."

Mohamad Mehajer

It was alleged that Mr Mehajer gave a bank employee $2000 to process the loan with false documents but told the employee 'this is not a bribe' when he handed over the money, but the judge thought otherwise.

Salim with Auburn Mayor Ronney Oueik

A Facebook page has been set up calling for Mr Mehajer's sacking and an online petition is gaining momentum.   Unphased and basking in the publicity, Mehajer said in a radio interview he still has ambitions of entering NSW state politics.  "I'll continue to run Independent though" he said.  "My vision won't change and I won't change for anyone."

He also asked for assistance to get to Hollywood, directing listeners to his pre-wedding video. "I want to be the next superstar" he said.