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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sydney school accused of promoting gay life

Parents of students of Burwood Girls High School were informed that their daughter will be attending a compulsory gay parenting documentary instead of their normal classes on Friday.

After the school received an unexpected outpouring of fury from parents, they hastily send a letter home, giving the girls an alternative - if they had a written request from their parents, they were allowed to sit in the library instead.

Former student, Maya Newell wrote the movie who grew up with two mothers.  It tells the story of four children, about to face puberty, who all have gay parents.

Presbyterian minister Mark Powell said he was contacted by angry parents who thought the film was an attempt to promote a gay way of life.

But it's not going to happen the way the school planned.  Education Minister Adrian Piccoli told Radio 2GB this morning that the department had made the decision the film was not to be played during school hours because it was not part of the curriculum. However, the school could organise a screening after hours, provided they have permission from their parents.

"We do promote and accept diversity in NSW generally but.... during school hours, parents rightly expect that students will be doing curriculum subjects and that's what I expect too" he said.

"The government expects schools to remain apolitical and they must comply with all department policies."